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Eastern Academy of Management International 2019 Conference

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Digitalization: Making Global Working Lives Better…or Not?

Traditional mechanisms for conducting business, learning, engaging experts, even initiating/building intimate relationships have given way to electronic and virtual mechanisms. Our lives are more convenient when we can obtain what we need from the comfort of our homes or on our smart phones. But are they better? Our panel of seasoned academics, practitioners, and consultants will share their views on how digitalization has impacted organizations, individuals, and the fabric that binds them, and then engage all participants in envisioning the future—predicting intended and unintended outcomes and prescribing how best to function and find satisfaction in the (still increasingly) digital world.

Suzanne de Janasz
George Mason U.
United States

Maury Peiperl
George Mason U
United States

Joy Schneer
Rider U
United States

Sowon Kim

Monique Valcour
Executive Coach | Management Professor


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