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Eastern Academy of Management International 2019 Conference

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Is it Time for Change in Teaching Preparation in Business Doctoral Programs? Or perhaps it is not?

In 2016, the Journal of Management Education published an essay, along with four rejoinders, exploring the practices of North American Business School PhD programs in preparing future faculty to develop competencies in teaching. Responses to this essay called for consideration of different factors such as accreditation standards, national differences, resource constraints, and the relation between degree-granting and graduate-hiring universities. Not unexpectedly, since then, there has been little change in the preparation of new business faculty. This multinational panel will bring together early, mid and late career faculty to reflect on their experiences and work towards solutions to these challenges.

D. Anthony Butterfield
University of Massachusetts Amherst
United States

Jeffrey Kappen
Drake University
United States

Joseph Garcia
Western Washington University
United States

Melika Husić-Mehmedović
University of Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Robert Marx
University of Massachusetts Amherst
United States

Rickie Moore
Emlyon Business School

Jenny Rodriguez
University of Manchester
United Kingdom


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