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Eastern Academy of Management International 2019 Conference

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Exploring the Effectiveness of a Cross-Cultural Virtual Teams Exercise with Croatia- and U.S.-based Undergraduate Students

The authors conducted a cross-cultural virtual team experiential exercise with 322 undergraduate students on 93 teams at three university campuses-two in the USA and one in Croatia. The purpose was to facilitate learning and skills enhancement for both cross-cultural collaboration and virtual collaboration as part of Organizational Behavior classes at the respective universities. Pre- and post-tests of cross-cultural efficacy and virtual team efficacy over the 6-week project demonstrated a significant increase in virtual team efficacy for traditional on-campus students, but no significant increase in cross-cultural efficacy. We provide a description of the exercise, lessons learned, and suggestions for future use.

Maja Vidovic
RIT Croatia

Michelle Hammond
Oakland University
United States

Jenna Lenhardt
Virginia Commonwealth University
United States

Michael Palanski
Rochester Institute of Technology
United States

Joy Olabisi
Rochester Institute of Technology
United States


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