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EAM International 2017

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Meta-Analysis: A Practical Introduction to Best Practices with Hands-On Practice

Track: Research

Keywords: Meta-analysis, research methods, quantitiative

This session synthesizes from many resources to provide a practical introduction to conducting meta-analysis and interpreting meta-analytic results. Designed to cover the basics the session focus is on often-overlooked issues in meta-analytic searching, judgment calls, analyses, and reporting. Attendees will be given a brief overview of software packages (and syntax) available for conducting meta-analysis. The session will culminate in a hands task where participants will code a primary study. Participants will compare and contrast their coding results to gain insight into the role of judgment calls in meta-analytic results. Questions will be welcomed throughout the session.


Kevin Lowe
University of Auckland
New Zealand

Shiva Nami
University of Auckland
New Zealand


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