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EAM International 2017

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Building Social Entrepreneurship Course Outlines for the Global Student

Track: MED

Keywords: Entrepreneurship Education, Social Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation; Social Business; Social Entrepreneurship Education, Andragogy, Student-Centered Learning, Syllabus, Course Outline

The purpose of this workshop is to build upon recent research in the area of syllabus design, namely for social entrepreneurship education (SEE) courses. This will be accomplished by discussing the resent research in syllabus development for SEE courses and building a template for an effective, modern SEE outline. Research on a global set of SEE outlines, conducted by the organizers, will also be presented in the context of building effective syllabi using andragogical principles.


Jeffrey McNally
University of New Brunswick

Thomas Mengel
University of New Brunswick

Maha Tantawy
University of New Brunswick

Dianne Welsh
UNB Greensboro
United States

Panos Piperopolous
University of Leeds
United Kingdom


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