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EAM International 2017

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Ubuntu, Distance Learning and Virtual Knowledge Parks: Past Experiences, Future Challenges and Opportunities

Track: MED

Keywords: Distance Learning, Collaboration, Virtual Parks, Ubuntu

The panelists will draw from their online distance learning experiences gained in teaching the undergraduate course, “World Business and Economic Issues.” The course was first offered in 1999 by a collaboration of five colleges in Massachusetts. More recently, the panelists have shared their experiences at EAMI conferences in Amsterdam (2007), Rio de Janeiro (2009), and Lima (2015). Through interactive presentations using multi-media examples, the panelists will demonstrate a prototype model for distance learning, that incorporates the principles of Ubuntu and virtual knowledge parks. The proposed model has far-reaching implications beyond the classroom, including lessons for businesses, governments, and non-governmental organizations.


Mzamo Mangaliso
University of Massachusetts
United States

Nancy Ovitsky
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
United States

Zengie Mangaliso
Westfield State University
United States


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