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EAM International 2017

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Exploring the Feasibility of More Humanistic Approaches in Management Thought and Practice through Ubuntu

Track: Diversity

Keywords: ubuntu, humanistic, paradigm, ubuntu

We explore the possibility of infusing management thought with the humanistic philosophies as of indigenous cultures, such as Ubuntu. Using the philosophy of science taxonomy, we demonstrate that social sciences thought have been misguided by the uncritical adoption of the rational logics of the natural sciences. We propose a hybrid paradigm consisting of rationality and compassion, deliberate on its practical significance, and suggest that management theory and practice will be enriched by infusion of more humanistic approaches reflected in Ubuntu. The implications of drawing on the socio-economic paradigm for managing diverse, cross-cultural organizations operating in a global environment are discussed.


Mzamo Mangaliso
UMass Amherst
United States

Nomazengele Mangaliso
Westfield State University
United States


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