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A conceptual model of expatriate coping with terrorist threats and attacks

Track: HR

Keywords: expatriate, coping, terrorism, repatriation, HRM

This paper examines existing research on the impact of terrorism on expatriate coping strategies. We consider pre-assignment fear of terrorism, in-country coping strategies, and anxiety and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) associated with repatriation. The extant research is small but growing. Our model for expatriate coping at the pre-departure, in-country, and repatriation stages includes strategies specific to each stage. Preparation using proactive coping, systematic desensitization, problem and emotion focused coping, social support, and virtual reality explorations are recommended. Selecting expatriate candidates who are well-adjusted, emotionally intelligent, and possessing good coping skills is essential for successful assignments in terror-prone regions.


Nicholas Beutell
Iona College School of Business
United States

Marianne O'Hare
Seton Hall University
United States

Joy Schneer
Rider University College of Business Administration
United States

Jeffrey Alstete
Iona College School of Businesss
United States


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