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Mondragon's Amorphous Cloud Structure: "Making the whole truly greater than the sum of its parts"

Track: OB

Keywords: cooperative, shared governance, shared leadership

Mondragon is an organization that is in "a league of its own". There is no other equivalent cooperative structure of its size that has survived, even strategically embraced, the globalization process. Mondragon currently employs nearly 75,000 people worldwide in an integrated group of more than 250 cooperatively-owned businesses. The research is based on interviews with members of the senior management team of the umbrella structure, as well as its overall governance body and senior managers of key cooperative companies in the group. The annex describes some of the challenges faced by this organization while expanding its presence in Asia.


Olivier Roche
Salisbury University
United States

Frederick Freundlich
Mondragon University

Frank Shipper
Salisbury University
United States

Charles Manz
University of Massachusetts
United States

Thomas Calo
Salisbury University
United States


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