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Eastern Academy of Management International 2019 Conference

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Connecting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Superheroes: Three Variations in Management and Entrepreneurship Education

Dilip Mirchandani
Rowan University  |  United States

Steven Meisel
La Salle University  |  United States

Tejinder Billing
Rowan University  |  United States

Eric Liguori
Rowan University  |  United States

Keywords: sustainable development goals, superheroes, experiential learning

Abstract: The 17 SDGs, and 169 targets, are intended to create global awareness and powerful connections with new generations in order to begin to address large scale problems initially at the local level. The three variations of experiential learning exercises, in management and entrepreneurship courses, all attempt to create connections between SDGs and superheroes and capture student interest, create awareness about global environmental, economic and social challenges, provoke the imagination, make emotional connections and engage students in seeking solutions. This session will be a hands-on exercise demonstrating how SDGs can be made salient to students to generate meaningful dialog and action.


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