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Eastern Academy of Management International 2019 Conference

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Status Incongruence in Supervisor-Subordinate Dyads—The Effects on Subordinate Job Satisfaction and Creative Performance

Carliss Miller
Sam Houston State University  |  United States

Orlando Richard
University of Texas at Dallas  |  United States

Keywords: status incongruence, organizational culture, job satisfaction, creative job performance, role congruity theory

Abstract: We draw on role congruity theory to examine how organizational culture influences whether supervisor-subordinate dyadic status incongruence has a negative or positive impact on subordinate job satisfaction and creative performance. We find that status incongruence reduces job satisfaction when supervisor-subordinate dyads work in a hierarchical organizational culture (i.e. low clan organizational culture), and job satisfaction increases for supervisor-subordinate dyads that work in a clan organizational culture (i.e. high clan organizational culture). Furthermore, these effects on job satisfaction ultimately impacted subordinate creative job performance, supporting a moderated-mediation model.


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