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Eastern Academy of Management International 2019 Conference

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Emerging Technology Clusters and Human Capital: Evidence from Colombia and South Africa

Brett Anitra Gilbert
American University  |  United States

Andres Velez-Calle
Universidad EAFIT  |  Colombia

Yuanyuan Li
Rutgers University  |  United States

Marcus Crews
Rutgers University  |  United States

Keywords: Clusters, Developing Countries, Human Capital

Abstract: Regions in developing countries are progressing towards becoming more innovative societies. Some regions are farther along than are others, with little research that explains what differentiate progressing regions from others. This study examines the competences and attitudes of human capital in two regions with differing levels of technology activity formation in developing countries. It assesses each population’s attitudes towards problem solving, their entrepreneurial orientation, use of influence tactics, rewards expectations, and motivation to lead others. The results show that rewards orientation and motivation to lead significantly differentiated the region with progress from the region without.


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