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Eastern Academy of Management International 2019 Conference

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Theoretical and Practical Implications of Workplace Diversity in Global Society

Mzamo Mangaliso
University of Massachusetts Amherst  |  United States

Nomazengele A Mangaliso
Westfield State University  |  United States

Robin Back
University of Central Florida  |  United States

Ben Kahn
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts  |  United States

Leah Z. B. Ndanga
West Chester University of Pennsylvania  |  United States

Nancy Ovitsky
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts  |  United States

Howard Jean-Denis
University of Massachusetts Amherst  |  United States

Hellicy Ngambi
Mulungushi University  |  Zambia

Keywords: Workplace Diversity, Globalization, Knowledge Management, Strategy

Abstract: Diversity in terms of race/ethnicity, gender, age, ability, sexual orientation, or nationality has become a reality that contemporary organizations must face. The increase in migration patterns across national borders has further exacerbated the need for academics to address questions that arise from diversity. Several approaches for mitigating diversity are suggested in the literature, including colorblindness, pluralism, multiculturalism, and polyculturalism. The symposium will address the broader challenge of how to effectively institutionalize diversity in the workplace. We hope that answering some of the issues raised will lead to the creation of new knowledge that will deepen our understanding of workplace diversity.


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