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Eastern Academy of Management International 2019 Conference

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Being on the same page: Longitudinal relationships between employee-unit (in)congruence in customer orientation, person-organization fit, and customer-oriented behaviors

Tremblay Michel
HEC Montreal  |  Canada

Xavier Parent-Rocheleau
University of Quebec in Montreal  |  Canada

Keywords: Objective congruence, customer orientation, customer-focused service behavior, person-organization fit

Abstract: This study examines the longitudinal effects of employee-unit objective congruence in customer orientation (CO) on the intra-individual change of subjective person-organization fit (P-O). and the mediating influence of P-O fit in the relationship between CO (in)congruence and the change in employees’ customer-oriented behavior. We performed polynomial regression and random coefficient modeling using longitudinal data from 1065 frontline employees in 225 pooled stores Results overall provide support for our hypotheses. Whereas agreement on high CO leads sharper increase of P-O fit than agreement on low CO, we found that CO incongruence was deleterious only when unit CO exceeds employee CO.


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