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Eastern Academy of Management International 2019 Conference

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Schemas of Followers: Leader and Follower Interactional effects on Relationship Quality and Performance

Thomas Sy
University of California  |  United States

Keywords: schemas; implicit theories; connectionist theory; leadership; followership; implicit followership theories; implicit leadership theories

Abstract: Schemas of followers (SoF) were investigated in a field and an experimental setting. Leaders’ SoF (LoSoF) and followers’ SoF (FoSoF), regarding the effective follower prototype, influenced follower relationship quality and performance. Interactive effects revealed LoSoF influenced follower performance more positively when followers conceived of their roles in less positive terms. Conversely, LoSoF influenced relationship quality more positively when followers conceived of their roles in more positive terms. Finally, relationship quality mediated the interactive effects of LoSoF and FoSoF on performance. Results challenge portrayals of leaders as omni-conscious actors and highlight the effects on schemas on action tendencies in organizational contexts.


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