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Eastern Academy of Management International 2019 Conference

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Written Upon: The Effects of Anticipatory Psychological Contract on Organizational Outcomes

Marie Waung
U of Michigan-Dearborn  |  United States

Junghyun Lee
U of Michigan-Dearborn  |  United States

Joy Beatty
U of Michigan-Dearborn  |  United States

Keywords: anticipatory psychological contract, psychological contract breach, organizational attractiveness, internship recruitment, organizational outcomes

Abstract: The paper integrates the recruitment and PC literatures by examining the relationship between recruitment information and sources Anticipatory Psychological Contract (APC), and organizational outcomes. Drawing on signaling and sense making theories, we argue that recruitment messages are related to the development of specific APC content prior to organizational entry and that APC fulfillment is positively related to important organizational outcomes. Results from two studies, a laboratory experiment and a field study with internship students, suggest that APCs that may serve as the foundation for the psychological contract and may contribute to perceptions of breach.


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