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Eastern Academy of Management International 2019 Conference

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Market Turbulence, Market Strategy and Nonmarket Strategy (NMS), and Firm Performance: Evidence from China

Long Zhang
China University of Geosciences  |  China

John Parnell
UNC-Pembroke  |  United States

Charles Xiong
UNC-Pembroke  |  United States

Keywords: turbulence, business strategy, nonmarket strategy, NMS, China

Abstract: This paper evaluates the impact of market turbulence on relationships between market and nonmarket strategic emphasis, and financial and non-financial performance among Chinese businesses. A survey of 246 middle and upper-level managers in Beijing identified market turbulence as a direct driver of performance, a positive moderator of the link between market strategy and financial performance, and a negative moderator of the link between market strategy and non-financial performance. Market turbulence did not moderate links between either market strategy and non-financial performance, or nonmarket strategy and performance.


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