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Eastern Academy of Management International 2019 Conference

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The Glass Pyramid: Informal Gender Status Hierarchy on Boards

We investigate the effect of gender on board directors’ status ranking and find that female directors’ status ranking is lower than that of male directors due to their gender. We theorize on the mechanism that determines the ways in which the status value of gender on a board affects board interactions and predict how this mechanism influences firm outcomes, including excessive managerial spending, social responsibility performance, and firm risk. We test our hypotheses in Chinese firms using an unbalanced panel that includes 5,396 firm-year observations (86,019 director-year observations) for a period of six years and find them supported.

Livia Markoczy
University of Texas at Dallas
United States

Sunny Li Sun
University of Massachusetts Lowell
United States

Jigao Zhu
University of International Business and Economics


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