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Eastern Academy of Management International 2019 Conference

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Managerial Communication during Mergers and Acquisitions: Testing a Four- Factor Model

Anjali Bansal
MICA, Ahmedabad  |  India

Keywords: Communication, Justice, Turnover Intentions, Satisfaction, Mergers and Acquisitions

Abstract: This research investigates the mediating role of perceived justice during mergers and acquisitions(M&A).A mixed method research design was adopted to carefully observe and investigate the communication strategies of five M&A deals. Quantitative data and qualitative data were collected through surveys from the employees (N=315) of the acquired organizations,and thorough in-depth interviews from the managers (N=18) of the acquiring companies respectively.The results of SEM predicted the mediated relationship between the perceived effectiveness of communication and employee satisfaction(+) and their turnover intentions(-).The results of the qualitative study corroborated with SEM results, categorized communication effectiveness into six themes and 13 sub-themes.


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