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Eastern Academy of Management International 2019 Conference

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Gaurav Marathe
Indian Institute of Management Ranchi  |  India

Aadarsh Das
Indian Institute of Management Ranchi  |  India

Manjeet Kumar
Indian Institute of Management Ranchi  |  India

Nitin Kulkarni
Indian Administrative Services  |  India

Keywords: Meaningfulness, Meaning, Meaning in Life, Meaning of Work

Abstract: The existential dilemma of meaningfulness has prompted humans to frame and foster a comprehensive definition of meaningfulness for better facilitation of their survival. Fragmented research in this domain captivated our attention and inspired us to venture into the field to explore the antecedents and moderators affecting meaningfulness. By virtue of multiple propositions and a conceptual model, we endeavour to clarify the underlying relationships between different mechanisms viz. authenticity, self-efficacy, goals, self-esteem, belongingness, sense-making and meaningfulness and consequently propound the loci of meaningfulness after careful scrutinization of the existing literature. The article culminates via discussions, implications and scopes for future research.


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